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SME Financing: Bridging the Gap
Objective – The most prevalent obstacle for any SME, is access to finance. Plans for growth and operations, are all hindered by the challenge of financing. The TTCSI recognizes this barrier and it is for this very reason we are hosting a SME Financing: Bridging the Gaps workshop. The aim of the workshop is twofold: […]
Regional Training Programme To Help Service Firms Tap Into New Markets
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Bridgetown, BARBADOS, September 26, 2014. Caribbean service providers will soon benefit from a regional export training programme designed to assist service firms in improving their competitiveness and achieving success in the global marketplace. The advent of globalization and technology has made it possible for small service providers across all services sectors to export their services. […]
TTCSI’s Statement on 2014/2015 National Budget
The Trinidad & Tobago Coalition of Services Industries (TTCSI) believes that the measures outlined in the 2015 Fiscal Budget Presentation should have been geared towards transformation of the economy, rather than facilitating the country’s day-to-day operations in a piece-meal fashion. Moreover, while the umbrella services sector body is pleased to see some of it’s proposed […]
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