Network for the Economic Empowerment of Women of the South (NEEWS)

Welcome to the first NEEWS Forum for the Caribbean and Latin American region hosted in Trinidad and Tobago

06-07 November 2014

latin-america-smallFollowing participation in the Women in Public Service Project in 2012 and 2013, a joint project of the State Department and Seven Sister Colleges of the United States, the UNOSSC focused on establishing a Network for Economic Empowerment of Women of the South (NEEWS) that is scheduled to be launched in 2014 in the Latin American and Caribbean region. Trinidad and Tobago has agreed to host the first NEEWS forum on 06-07 November 2014 in its capital, Port of Spain.

The Women in Public Service Project addressed among other things, Women’s Economic Agency. Based on the recommendations of participants, the UNOSSC developed NEEWS to respond to their call for

  • Knowledge of how women from different regions are able to combat laws that serve as obstacles for them to manage business (e.g. banks not providing loans to women).
  • A forum to exchange knowledge with each other on a number of issues including identifying multinational corporations that provide programmes to support women with entrepreneurship (not just finance), on-going training programmes for women in business,
  • Peer-to-peer interactions as the preferred form of interaction for knowledge exchange;
  • The capacity to link theories of Women’s Economic Agency to the practical application within their respective national environments.

Effectively, the women needed to know how to learn from each other`s experiences and how to leverage support to grow their respective businesses and networks.

The overall goal of NEEWS therefore is ‘to create a Network to further opportunities for women’s economic empowerment through an Accelerator to underpin the growth of business women of the global South’. The Business Accelerator will be a specially designed learning/ experiential programme to train and to connect participants to people and resources needed to boost their businesses and help them to explore new marketing opportunities. It will also highlight women entrepreneurs of the global South through different thematic streams, including, but not limited to – Science and Technology, Agriculture and Food Security, Energy and Energy Security and Design and Culture. While the focus will be on women in business, men will not be excluded from the programme.