SME Financing: Bridging the Gap


Objective – The most prevalent obstacle for any SME, is access to finance. Plans for growth and operations, are all hindered by the challenge of financing. The TTCSI recognises this barrier and it is for this very reason we are hosting a SME Financing: Brigding the Gaps workshop.

The aim of the workshop is twofold:

  • It will provide an innovative and information driven session that will stimulate and encourage critical thought by entrepreneurs on understanding and accessing venture capital;
  • Secondly, entrepreneurs will be able to engage in an interactive session with financial consultants and experts, who will be able to advise on your business, goals, and just what is needed to make “the next step”. At the end, participants will have a greater understanding and appreciation for alternative financing such as Venture Capital and have actionable advice to prepare them for raising capital and their business in general.

Topics include:-

  • Risk Capital – A new and innovative approach to financing new business enterprises
  • Venture Capital in the Banking Industry
  • Allaying SME Fears and other restrictions
  • SME challenges to accessing Venture Capital Financing
  • The Value of Branding
  • Legislation to the Venture Capital process
Click the following link to register : Registration Form – SME Financing: Bridging the Gaps