• Angela Lee Loy (president TTCSI TRINIDAD and Tobago Coalition of Services Industries and European Union Ambassador - His Excellency Mr. Arend Biesebroek. Ambassador Biesebroek placed a courtesy visit on TTCSI for discussions on how he could better facilitate the services sector into the European Union and looked forward to hearing from the TTCSI Members to explore the possibilities for same.
  • Left to right: Angela Lee Loy (president TTCSI TRINIDAD and Tobago Coalition of Services Industries; TT Ambassador Designate China Stephen Seedansingh Jr; Daren Lee Sing (VP TTCSI) Ambassador Designate Seedansingh Jr placed a courtesy visit on TTCSI in the lead up to his departure to China to take up his posting. Coming out of the meeting the Ambassador looked forward to hearing from TTCSI’s members on how he could help them export their services to China and conversely, if he could help with any China-TT relations.

The Voice of theServices Sector
  1. Advocate for the Services Sector Development
  2. Building capacity in the Services Sector
  3. Marketing Services Globally
  4. Promoting Services Exports
Come for Mas: Return for Business and Leisure
Affectionately labelled the land of Oil and Music, for decades the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) has enjoyed abundant natural resources and a culture so rich and diverse that it represents almost all of the world’s major societies. It is therefore not surprising that T&T’s prime cultural event, Carnival, receives the largest influx of […]
Trinidad and Tobago Carnival and Trade in Services
The Trinidad and Tobago carnival is one of the largest and most well known festivals in the Americas along with the famous Rio Carnival in Brazil and the Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Trinidad and Tobago also boasts of having one of the festivals with the highest level of local participation. It is estimated that over ten percent of the population is directly involved in terms of costuming, singing, playing instruments and producing the events.
The Concept of ‘Services’ and the President of Trinidad and Tobago
On behalf of all the the Trinidad and Tobago Coalition of Service Industries, we would like to extend cordial congratulations to her Excellency, Paula Mae Weekes, President of Trinidad and Tobago on her ascension to the position of the first female president of Trinidad and Tobago.
TTCSI Quarterly 26
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